Crazily-Plausible "DARK KNIGHT RISE" Theory Advanced by Joke Website

CRACKED – which morphed from a middling MAD Magazine clone to a shockingly-awesome The Onion clone – has a blogger advancing a new “what will happen to Batman” theory that, unlike most other versions of the same idea, makes a surprising amount of sense. No spoilers (yet) but the main “big” point is what I’d call my favorite guess yet made as to what the point of Joseph Gordon Levitt’s role will be.

Read the piece HERE

10 thoughts on “Crazily-Plausible "DARK KNIGHT RISE" Theory Advanced by Joke Website

  1. djbeema says:

    Glad I could bring this to your attention 🙂
    I could see this being a very cool unexpected way to end the trilogy. It would certainly be more interesting than the standard hero rides off in to the sunset ending superhero films usually get. I could also see a lot of people being upset with it though. I don't know Nolan enough to know how much he would/wouldn't care about pissing off fanboys, but something tells me he doesn't.


  2. Doran says:

    Funnily enough, I just wrote an essay for school talking about this exact same thing. The difference being that I opined that Bruce Wayne would just hang up the cowl and live out his life after handing off the cowl to inspired individuals, not die.


  3. InnerPartisan says:

    You call that theory “crazy”? I've been expecting this outcome ever since I've left the cinema 6 years ago after Begins. Actually, anything other than the Death of Bruce Wayne would feel like a copout to me.


  4. Daniel R says:

    “Robin, after all, isn't necessary for the Dark Knight legend”

    Am I really the only one saddened that the above sentence can even be uttered seriously.

    Apart from that, I really do think it would be a great way to close the trilogy.
    It would certainly explain Levitt's appearance. Otherwise, why would they get such a high profile and talented actor for such an seemingly unimportant role.

    I particularly enjoyed the analysis regarding Nolan's “Prestige” umm… method. Really an eye-openner.

    If Inception really was “the Turn” then I can't even begin to imagine what comes next! ^_^


  5. Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry, I know that purists will disagree and some may even love the robin character. However, the idea of a child side kick for superheroes has always been extraordinarily flawed and problematic in hundreds of ways and I for one cringe every time I see it. If they had been adults it would be different, It is not that sidekicks are inherently bad ideas, but the idea of a child is just… ugh its one thing if its a hit girl type parody that is making a point about culture or something but otherwise it is just icky. I'm sorry.


  6. DArvin says:

    Two big things happen in the Bane vs Batman original Comic storyline – Bane breaks Batman's back..
    And a new batman takes over the Cowl! (albeit, only temporarily) So, if Nolan does this, he does have precedent to work off..


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